Finding Purpose

EUPHORIA, a time you find yourself and your purpose. It is also about giving the best time of your youth to build His people and Kingdom. The EUPHORIA experience is life-changing, and mine is just one of the many lives impacted.

My journey with EUPHORIA dates all the way back to 2015 when I first began helping out in the Chorusboard team. Now known as Visuals, the Chorusboard team was a very behind-the-scenes ministry. Unlike the worship team or the ushers who got to meet face-to-face with the people who came for services, we were only known to most as the two black windows on the wall of the main auditorium. Our designs on pamphlets, flyers and the LED screen would “meet” people more than we did; and you could’ve passed by multiple members of our team and never even have noticed. But despite it all, the memories of spending late nights designing slides together are still etched in my mind and hold so dear to me. We stayed so much in the the Black Room that it became a home away from home for us, and it still is.

… they taught me that there was no lesser role in serving, because we are all part of the same body.

Being part of the team to kick-start EUPHORIA then was quite intimidating, but it was also very exciting because I got to serve alongside so many committed and dedicated individuals. They believed in me and what I was capable of achieving. And they taught me that there was no lesser role in serving, because we are all part of the same body.

It was our best offering to God.

Through serving, I learned to appreciate the amount of work that went into perfecting a single service. I sacrificed sleep to stare into laptop monitors and completing designs in the wee hours. Though it was tiring, I felt it was all worth it the very moment our work appeared on the huge LED screen, guiding the congregation into an atmosphere of praise for the Lord. Nothing else felt as precious and rewarding. It was our best offering to God.

When EUPHORIA returned last year with “Now or Never”, I stepped out and joined the committee without a second thought. One of the fondest memories I still like to recall is of the time we shot the launch video. I remember working under the scorching sun that day and expecting to have one of the worst experiences of our lives. Instead, we got a good laugh when the then-Tribe Leaders emerged from the shoot with geometrical tan lines on their face thanks to their tribal face paint.

Now, I no longer feel like a stranger; I feel a much stronger sense of belonging in this big place.

During this little episode, I got to know each Tribe Leader personally and this helped me crawl out of my shell, in a social sense. If not for EUPHORIA, I’d most likely still be in my little bubble, talking only to my Cell Group members. Now, I no longer feel like a stranger; I feel a much stronger sense of belonging in this big place.

Currently in the third season of EUPHORIA, I’ve come to find more meaning and purpose in it. From being a month-long event, it has grown into a full-fledged, three-month long affair, and it has provided me opportunities to challenge myself, step up my game and to balance what little time I have between church, home, and university.

The best thing about EUPHORIA is definitely making new friends and discovering the parts of ourselves that we never knew. It opens a window of opportunity for new friends to be immersed in the CHCKL community. Through my time serving, I’ve met the most amazing people and learned the most valuable life lessons. During the early days of my Chorusboard journey, Frieda Choong – my team leader back then – taught me how to cope with pressure, to stay joyful even under immense stress and to always enjoy the process no matter how hard things got. And working with Li Hui – CHCKL’s graphic designer – taught me the finer aspects of juggling heavy workloads, and to always treasure the value of team spirit and serving in unity.

But when I think of my friends who have yet to find God, I find the strength to keep going and giving my all into making EUPHORIA successful.

I’d always thought that being behind the scenes meant that we’d never have the opportunity to impact lives directly. But seeing how new friends integrate so easily into our community through our weekly summary videos, I realise that our effort does indeed bear fruit. Take for example the basketball players who took part in church-organised competitions. They eventually became part of the CHCKL basketball team, back when we had one. For them, it wasn’t just finding a community that shared an interest, but also gaining enduring friends to do life together beyond basketball.

I’ll admit — working to make EUPHORIA what it is isn’t easy. But when I think of my friends who have yet to find God, I find the strength to keep going and giving my all into making EUPHORIA successful. To reach out to them, get them rooted in church and see them walk a new journey with God; this is why I do what I do.

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