A Mother’s Struggles During a Pandemic

Since the Movement Control Order started on March 18, 2020, our lives have never been the same. There are so many uncertainties and fear. Some have had to stay home and juggle between work and kids, while some are still out there working.

On March 22, 2020, our connect group (CG) came up with an idea for everyone to take turns
to proclaim a Bible verse and a short prayer for every family in the CG. It could be in the area of protection, healing or even finances. The members were excited and took turn as husbands and wives to pray for one another.

On April 21, 2020, Chia Huey’s husband, Ian, was admitted to the hospital due to dengue. During this time, the CG members became a pillar of support for Chia Huey and her family with prayers and also physically sending food to her family.

In this season, the connect group members became closer not only in their relationship with one another, but they ultimately grew closer to God—knowing that He is control.

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