Making The Most of Each Day

Twenty fifteeen, in short was exciting, heartbreaking, and yet life changing. Joining this church was the turning point for me. It changed my mindset towards Christianity and God. I learned form my leaders what it truly meant to love God and think others. It opened my eyes to see God moving so tangibly because I can experience Him.

Ever since attending cell group & service, I haven’t missed a single day of praying simply because I don’t want to miss conversing with Him and dwelling in His presence. Even my commute to work has become my devotional time. On top of that, I’ve also developed a bigger heart for people in my life and would pray for them as well.

As I started to pray more, I complained lesser and learned to appreciate the little things.



I started to notice people more and be sensitive in my interactions with others. All these cumulative changes have slowly added more value into my every day.

Time and tide waits no man. I cannot turn back time to fulfil my past wishes or to negate my regrets. Hence, all the time that I have at hand is really precious. Before joining this church, I was already a Christian. But it was only now, after 20 years, that I truly and fully experienced Him. Looking back, there were regrets for all the times I have missed out on this relationship with God. However, understanding that I can not turn back the clock makes all the encounters now and in the future with Him a lot more precious.


Time is the greatest gift I can give someone.

As I learn to invest my time into relationships around me, the atmosphere at home became better. Many fond memories of time spent with friends were made. Looking back, I realised that to make each day count, there is the choice to prioritise and choose where I invest my time in.

Eric Seng

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